Reusable Festive Masks (Pack of 2)


Rs. 1,999
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1. Cloth face masks - Pack of 2 pieces - Zari work festive masks.
2. Eco-friendly, RE-USABLE face masks made in BREATHABLE material which keeps it comfortable yet stylish in this festive season.
3. Fashionable designer 3-ply cloth face masks and elasticated loops help in a comfortable fit
4. These masks are not a replacement for surgical masks (which must be thrown away after 3-4 hours of single use), or N95 masks, which, as recommended by the Ministry should be reserved for health care workers dealing with COVID-19, and those diagnosed with the disease. These are meant to be used by general public for safety as recommended by Indian Government.



1. These masks are re-usable with daily hand wash.

2. Wash softly by hand in soap and cold water. Do not wash in washing machine or tumble dry

3. To maintain hygiene, wash before first use



The product will be shipped to you after 14 days from the date of order placed.

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